5 Reasons Why Birmingham is a Thriving City to Place Your Business

With so many cities vying for your investment, why should you choose Birmingham? Here are 5 reasons why Birmingham is a thriving city to place your business:

Commercial Property with a World Class Transport Network

As the second most populous city in the UK, Birmingham benefits from a wealth of commercial property for sale in Birmingham. These commercial properties are linked by the city’s robust and effective transport systems, with links being upgraded across the region, including making Birmingham part of the HS2 Network with the Curzon Street Station. Due for completion in 2026, HS2 will make London only 49 minutes away. With such a potentially short commute, Birmingham becomes a realistic and attractive residential area for Londoners seeking quality accommodation, as well as offering attractive employment opportunities for residents of both cities. Birmingham airport will be receiving £500 investment over the coming 15 years, in order to increase its capacity by 5 million travellers per year and making it a truly international gateway.

A City in Growth

Having been the UK’s second fastest growing City in 2018, Birmingham is destined to become one of the world’s most amazing cities. With its history of entrepreneurship and successful business start-ups, Birmingham has a proven track record of welcoming and supporting business. Despite the uncertainty over Brexit, businesses in Birmingham have enjoyed more success over the previous 3 years than those in many other parts of the U.K.

Excellent Technology and Communications

Birmingham continues to lead the way in communications, including digitally with it’s 5G network, in addition to the roll-out of ultrafast broadband. Coupled with the wealth of commercial property for sale in Birmingham, there really is no better place for your business to thrive and grow.

Public Investment and Regeneration

Birmingham is currently undergoing a huge amount of regeneration and investment in public spaces, with projects such as the Eastside Locks Canalside regeneration bringing apartments, restaurants, retail and leisure opportunities. The £500 million Smithfield Area project is bringing similar regeneration and business opportunities to the South of the City. With over 9000 acres dedicated to parks and nature – more than any other European city – the opportunities for culture and leisure in Birmingham are second to none.

Culture and the Commonwealth Games

Birmingham is renowned for its varied and exciting culture, and this reputation will only be strengthened in the future. With the HS2 link at Curzon Street, all the UK’s major cities will be more accessible. For example, residents of Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Glasgow will all be able to take advantage of shorter journey times to experience the culture and regeneration of Birmingham. Most importantly, the Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham in 2022 and are expected to boost the economy of the West Midlands by £750 million, as well as lasting Legacy Projects further enhancing the quality of life and business in Birmingham.

So, if you are looking for a successful, vibrant and growing city in which to place your business, and are looking for commercial property for sale in Birmingham, this really is the city for you.