Different Types of Online Forex Bonuses and How to Take Advantage of Them

Forex bonus is a bonus that’s usually reserved for new or one with minimal trading capital. It is tempting as it gives us the concept of this ‘free money’ offer. After all, it gives you a boost for a great start. You can find various Forex brokers reviews; these are a few highlighted tips to get you started and help you take advantage of it

  • The no deposit bonus is a trading bonus which is given to traders with any form of deposit from their side. Usually, this bonus is modest, and the size of such bonus varies between 5 and 50 US Dollars.
  • Forex rebates are another bonus system where a commission or a part of the spread is put back into the trader’s account. It certainly looks attractive, especially when you get compensated for every single lot that you’ve traded. There is no minimum set of conditions to satisfy to be eligible.
  • Forex broker with a bonus on your deposit is one of the best options of all. You should easily be able to find a deposit bonus offer that ranges from 10 to 400%. If you plan to opt for this online trading Forex bonus, just remember bigger is always better rule doesn’t apply here.
  • Forex bonus also depends on the market type of a particular year such as in 2016; we saw a lot of loss adverts offering big bonuses of 50% or 200%. There are a few reasons for this. The first one is that the brokers who offered such deals ended by losing a lot of money in the last year and second of all, such bonuses aren’t as useful to traders as one would like to think.

Thus, the tips mentioned above will help you to deal with different types of online forex bonuses and their advantages.