Exceptional Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

We wanted to hire an offshore recruitment process outsourcing company to meet our ongoing recruitment needs. Once the decision was made we started screening number of agencies in the industry. We were surprised to come across numerous service providers and each one of those agencies claimed that they are the best. We were looking for some references from some reliable sources and that is how we managed to find this company which specialised in offshore recruitment services.

The first and the most important factor that impressed us was their professional approach. This RPO agency stood out from the rest in the industry with their highly professional services. Right from the initial contact with this agency they were through and through professional. This is the image we wanted to project about our own brand too in the job market. So it was easy to make our decision to hire this company.

We do hear about some unpleasant experiences with the other recruitment firms but as far as our experience with this recruiter was very positive. We were happy to find such a trustworthy agency right at the start without having to go through a long series of trials with the other companies.

Before hiring their services we signed up for their trial service. They proved themselves immediately and we were happy with the trial run and we signed up with them as our long term recruitment partner. There was yet another factor that impressed us and that was their ability to deliver on their promises. As we have not worked with any other recruitment agency so far we are not sure how far the other agencies are able to deliver on their promises. There is no need to try or test the other agencies because we are very happy with what we are already receiving from this service provider.

We have been using this agency for quite some time now and we are getting the best value for our money. Whenever there used to be an open position it used to take a very long time to spot the best resources and our in-house team had to sweat it out but once we started using this agency we had access to many brilliant profiles which were not accessible to us earlier. Our recruitment drives now are able to source top resources faster spending lot lesser.

The cost per resource sourced dropped considerably despite the fact that we are now outsourcing the entire recruitment process. This recruitment agency works with our recruitment coordinator. We do not need a large in-house recruitment team and this brings in immediate savings on the overhead costs, a portion of which is now channelled to the recruitment firm. Now we spend lot lesser but get exceptional results. We are extremely happy with the quality of the service, the professional approach and the commitment of this organisation in meeting our ongoing recruitment needs. We will rate them with five stars without any hesitation.