Guide to Buying a Sandblaster

A sandblaster is used to help remove rust, paint, or corrosion, by shooting out pressurized sand or another abrasive material at a fast rate of speed in order to give off a smooth finish. There are several types of sandblasters available, and you must choose one that is going to be able to do the job at hand. Portable sandblasters can be needed in order to work in tight spaces, or if you have to travel a lot for the work. Industrial sandblasters may be needed for larger projects and can be used by professional construction workers.

Sandblaster Types

There are three types of sandblasters that range in ease of use and price.

Gravity fed sandblasters will use gravity to do the job. Sand is used in a container, which is then mounted to the gun. Using an air compressor, air blasts in the nozzle and the sand falls from the container.

A siphon sandblaster is similar to gravity fed sandblasters, but instead of using gravity it uses a suction process to get the sand to travel to the nozzle.

Pressure sandblasters use pressurized canisters of sand, and the sand is blasted out of the container once the trigger is pulled. These are the easiest types of sandblasters to use and are usually the most expensive. The canisters of sand can’t be reused and a new one must be purchased for every project.


Sandblasters will come in numerous sizes to suit the project’s needs.

Mini sandblasters or portable sandblasters help for small spaces and can be moved from one job to the next. They can be useful in removing rust or old paint from cars and can be used to etch designs into glass.

Larger sandblasters will usually need to be mounted to something like a bench in order for them to be stable. Some large sandblasters can also be portable if they are mounted on a cart with wheels. These types of sandblasters are useful for removing paint from a house for renovating, or to remove paint from a car in no time.

Industrial sandblasters are used for outside jobs to quickly remove paint form large buildings, and are heavy-duty machines that will need to be mounted to a truck.

In addition to purchasing a sandblaster, make sure you have the right safety equipment. You need goggles to protect eyes from scratches that can occur from the sand, respirators and masks to prevent breathing in harmful dust, and gloves to protect hands from abrasives.

There are different features of sandblasters as well. Some have adjustable pressure controls that let the user control the pressure, helping them be useful for a number of different projects. Sandblasters with built-in lights are great for small, dark spaces. Choose various sized nozzles based on the size of the item you need to blast.