How to Hire the Best Pharmacy Staff ?

While your pharmacy grows, you may have to recruit new employees. Finding the right pharmacy employees can take a lot of time and an additional hassle to make your already busy schedule overfilled. The hiring process will include filtering through resumes, interviewing candidates, and consulting with your associates about possible hires. It is important to make the most of your recruitment as the right people will contribute to the success of your business. To go to the hiring process smoothly, consider the tips below:

Be Clear with your Job Requirements

If you will have an open position in your pharmacy, you must clearly state the requirements, certifications, or licenses, as well as the abilities you require from the candidates. This ensures that only qualified candidates will apply. Taking the time to filter through the list of requirements for pharmacists, pharmacy tech or non-pharmacy employees will help you avoid wasting time interviewing applications that don’t suit your requirements.

Be Ready for the Interview

Before interviewing applicants, spend time carefully reviewing resumes and prepare questions in advance. You want the interview process to be as organised as possible. Also, the way you handle the interview will present your professionalism as a business leader. It is also a good idea to involve your staff in the hiring process. Let some of them sit in with you during the interview to assess the interviewee and review their resumes.

Do a Background Check

After completing the interview process, use the internet to know more about possible candidates. Review the social media profiles of the candidates, conduct background checks, and check for any criminal records. It is also a good idea to contact their previous employers to learn more about how these candidates work.

Carry Out Testing

When interviewing candidates you want to look for education requirements, a personality to match, and the right skills. However, before committing to a new hire, consider testing them before offering them the job. This test can be a written one or a sort of a second round of interview. This approach should give you a better sense of their abilities and the way they suit your pharmacy. Check out more tips at

Notify them of the Results

Once you have done the steps above, it is time to follow up with candidates. No matter you hire the candidate or not, it is a professional gesture to inform them about the results of the hiring process through an email or phone call.