How to spot a top-notch FOD Sweeper

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a serious and ongoing problem for everyone working with aircraft, whether in a private, commercial, or military capacity. There are a lot of entities who need to ensure that tarmacs and runways are free of debris, and not all equipment is up to the task. Take a look at FOD sweeper images and you will soon understand the complexity of the problem, and, that not all FOD sweepers are created equal.

Features to look for when choosing your FOD sweeper

If you get out in the field to inspect and compare the FOD sweeper options that are currently available, or even just take a look at FOD sweeper images, you will notice several distinctive aspects about the models that are now on the market. We recommend that you consider the following features when selecting your FOD sweeper:

  • Manpower – how many staff members is it going to take to run the sweeper? In our opinion, the fewer the better, and ideally, it should be a one person job.
  • Adaptability – consider the types of surfaces and conditions that you will need your FOD sweeper to tackle. The greater the adaptability that it has, the safer your aircraft and personnel will be.
  • Portability – when you are considering a FOD sweeper purchase, make sure the model you select is battery-powered. This helps to increase your portability and quietness while minimizing its environmental impact. No one wants to be constrained when it comes to where you can use your sweeper, and having an unlimited range of use decreases your need for multiple sweepers.

Ongoing maintenance and service

Another important deciding point when reviewing your options for FOD sweepers, is to consider the service level that you will receive after the sale. Yes, looking at FOD sweeper images is a helpful way to get a good idea of the machinery, but you will also need to get to know the people behind the product. If you are in the aviation business, you know that having an FOD sweeper that is unreliable can cause a significant and negative impact on your ability to do business.

The importance of choosing a product that is backed by a company that you trust and stands behind its work cannot be understated. Regular maintenance and quick and effective service when the machinery is down can make a significant difference in your level of performance.

Decrease your workload with a top-notch FOD sweeper that requires only one person to run it and is manufactured by a company that provides excellent customer service and your aviation business will continue to run at the high level that you desire!