Important Questions to Ask Whenever You Are Choosing a Meeting Venue or Room

With the full swing of digital transformation, new technology could be called upon for optimizing working processes and increasing productivity. No wonder the meeting industry room signage is rapidly exploding with various electronic signs coming up on almost all corner such as the features in Le Crystal meeting venue. Presently there are more than forty room booking signs on the market, about five times as it was a year ago, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

With so several available options, the meeting room booking choice can be anything however simple. Yet all the lists around the globe will not help in your decision if you do not know exactly what to look for. Below is the list of those things any company looking for a meeting venue should consider. Considering the following prior to making the purchase will help in ensuring a happy and a perfect fit office.

#1: How Would You Like Your Meetings Schedule?

Would you love to schedule all your meetings via a mobile app, or on a desktop, or a display which is attached to the meeting room entry door? In case you opt for any scheduling software, you will be opportune to book conference rooms and have the meeting schedule pull up on your PC, tablet or mobile. That will provide you with enough freedom for organizing all your meetings wherever you are.

If you would love to have the information shown on the door also, so you can easily check what is coming up as you are walking past the entry door, you will have to buy a display such as an iPad or anything similar that goes with the software.

#2: What Content Type Will the Meeting Room Sign Be Displaying?

If you want the meeting venue scheduling display to display basic meeting info and if the meeting room is in use or free, you do not need any spaceship. It will only slow you down. If you desire to display any demanding video or graphics, LCDs will definitely be the only available option.

#3: How Will Your Meeting Room Sign Get Powered?

Most solutions existing on the market are powered using a battery, which helps in solving the problem associated with not having an electrical outlet available. The battery on a wireless LCD displays will eventually drain out relatively faster due to the power consumed by the screen and someone will have to take up the responsibility of getting charged every day.

On the other side of the coin, electronically featured paper displays that give a regular paper feel consume less energy as compared to the LCDs and they offer months of autonomy. Electronic paper is presently the best energy-efficient option existing in the market, so in case green is one thing you consider when selecting a new office tech, you can not go greener than that.

#4: What Surface Area Will Your Meeting Room Sign Be Placed or Mounted On?

Glass type meeting rooms are increasingly getting popular because of their affordability and aesthetic appeal. Mounting your devices on a glass, however, is somehow trickier since it needs brackets, which have to get installed with enough care in order not to break the glass. Additionally, if these devices need a direct power sourcing, there will definitely be cables that go from the device to where the power is from.