Protecting the Cloud Network from Hackers

The cloud is an online storage system developed in the 1960s by Joseph Carl RobnettLicklider, and the technology has transformed to become one of the most reliable storage options for businesses. Using a hardware-based storage system allows for an expansive memory backup, but there are cases wherein the system might go down because of power failure or wear and tear issues, and cloud storage becomes a reliable source of data for businesses. Today, cloud storage has become more affordable, with people opting to save their files online rather than save it on their hard drives. However, the online cloud storage can also be compromised, especially when links displaying text like “click here for info” contain harmful viruses. Recent hacking scandals brought out the weakness of the cloud-based storage system, and how vulnerable it is to hackers who knew how to bypass these systems.

To prevent an online storage system to be hacked, many businesses have decided to rely on companies offering cybersecurity services, and one of the things that they do is to test the cloud storage and the network. They are trying to find out if it can easily be penetrated, and if there are security lapses, the company will do its best to fix these issues and tighten the security within the system. These companies employ some of the best programmers in the country, and they are battling against hackers who wanted to steal information. Most businesses pay thousands and even millions of dollars just to protect their corporate files, and they rely on the services provided by cybersecurity companies to prevent information leakage. While some companies managed to get through various hacking attempts, some never had the luck. Sony, for example, employs programmers who would look after the company files, but they failed to protect the company’s online storage system and information about their customers were stolen. Other businesses do not want the similar thing to happen under their watch, so they are trying their best to update their security and prevent the hackers from infiltrating the system.

network penetrating system could also help business owners protect their data online, and these procedure can be broken down into simple steps. The first one would be the determination of the system’s vulnerability to attacks, and it will be categorized depending on how extreme the risk might be. The more extreme the risk could be, the more tightened the cybersecurity procedure will be implemented. This way, the hackers would never have a way to reach the main systems, and they could be caught early in their attempts. Vulnerability scanning would also determine the parts of the system that could not easily be targeted, and the programmers would study why it turned out to become a good defense and apply its programming to other parts of the system for a heightened protection. Business impacts of any successful attack would also need to be considered, so that the business owner would have an idea how much money they could lose from hacking scandals.