Registries in Calgary

Whether you would like to apply for healthcare insurance, you want to register a company, purchase land or acquire any vital document, such as a birth certificate, you will be required to go through the registry process, which can be complex and extremely time consuming. If you want to avoid such a hassle, then you should seek the help of a licensed registry. With their help, you will not need to wait in queues or hop from office to office in an effort to beat the deadline.

Registries in Calgary

If you are based in Calgary, you are bound to come across full-service registries that can offer you a range of registry services based on your needs. The registries have professional, dedicated and friendly agents that are able to navigate the often complex registry process for you, allowing you to solely concentrate on other critical matters. Whether you are looking for a land titles office or you want to apply for a birth certificate in Calgary, the agents at these registries can help you out. Their services cover:

  1. Land Titles

Before purchasing or leasing any piece of land, it is extremely important to search for any relevant information about that land in the land registry. This will enable you to know the current registered owner of the land and any outstanding interests on that property such as builders’ liens, easements and mortgages. You will also get to know the past owner of that land. This will help you to avoid getting fleeced of your hard earned money or getting into unending and costly land disputes. If you have been looking for a land titles office in Calgary in order to search for information on a parcel of land to no avail, these registries can help.

  1. Vital Statistics

 Whether you have just had a baby or you are getting married and need the appropriate documentation, these registries can help, since they normally provide vital statistics services for different clients. For instance, they can order you a birth, marriage or even death certificate of a loved one. They can register marriages, issue marriage licenses and even help with legal name change applications. If you need help with the acquisition of a birth certificate in Calgary, these agencies can meet your needs.

  1. Company Incorporation

These registries are also known to help entrepreneurs start their own companies through corporate name search, company incorporation and many other related services. Moreover, they can also help you to navigate the process of merging, and even dissolving a company in a legally acceptable manner. They have specialized in:

  1. a) Corporate online search
  2. b) Corporate in-office search
  3. c) NUANS name search
  4. d) Incorporating a new company
  5. e) Filing annual returns
  6. f) Corporate changes
  7. g) Company dissolution
  8. h) Corporate revival

These registries also offer commissioner of oaths services, personal property searches and registration, vehicle registration and application of drivers’ licenses. Whether you are looking for a land titles office to help you with comprehensive land title searches or you want to apply for your child’s birth certificate in Calgary, the agents at these registries can help.