The 4 Challenges Facing Healthcare Recruitment Today

If you look into most industries, you will find that they are frequently faced with recruitment challenges, but these challenges seem to exist more in the healthcare sector. Healthcare facilities can’t afford to hire talent that doesn’t fit their specific needs.

Aside from the high cost involved in making a new hire, there are legal risks associated with hiring a person who breaks protocol inadvertently or purposefully, harms patients, or disobey HIPPA rules. Below are some challenges the healthcare recruitment is recently facing

#1: Scarcity of Qualified Employees

This is one of the major challenges that healthcare organizations are faced with. There are no more qualified nurses and physicians as the population of today keep aging. This has made it difficult for healthcare organizations to get their hands on skilled and qualified employees to hire.

The way forward is for healthcare facilities and hospitals to revamp their hiring methods and create attractive and beneficial packages that will entice nurses and physicians to work for them. 

#2: Problem Between Education and Experience

This is another major challenge with recruitment in the healthcare system. Do you hire an individual who graduated from a standard institute a year ago? Or would you rather employ one who graduated from a low-profile institution but has many years of experience in the field? Problems such as these can pose a big challenge upon recruiting.

The goal is to hire the best hands into your organization. You want a young, smart, and academically inclined employee with experience. This is one reason many health facilities now hire recruiters to do the hiring job for them. We have experienced a high rate of success with some of them. A good example is the new recruiter specialist, RenaudExec that has become a go-to recruiter for most health facilities looking for professionals to hire.

#3: Race for New Graduates

The hiring of recent graduates is a great idea for most healthcare organizations due to the fact that it is invigorating and cost-effective. Nevertheless, recruiting new graduates isn’t always as easy as you think. Due to the various difficulties that are involved, most health care organizations find it hard to make new hires.

#4: Baby Boomer Retirement Numbers

If you take a close look at health care facilities, you will probably notice that baby boomers are gradually leaving the workforce. Research has shown that almost 10,000 baby boomers retire each day around the world. That definitely has a great impact on hospitals and healthcare. With the rapid retirement of baby boomers, healthcare organizations need to start developing proactive recruitment techniques to reduce the burden of continually replacing the vacant space.

Luckily, things won’t remain this way. With the constant change in technology, healthcare organizations are sure of finding a quick solution to these problems. Some recruiters are doing a great job with this already, and we hope to receive more good news from them soon.