The Leading Mobile Ad Networks

Becoming a prosperous mobile app publisher is not an easy task to do. It involves a lot of work processes, from app development to gaining user adoption to applying the right balance of monetization, just to name a few. Sure, you might be great when it comes to development and marketing, but your dreams of becoming successful can be shattered without a solid app monetization model.

In a sense, there is a reason why app monetization is considered the best part of the overall process. Interestingly, there is a growing number the leading mobile ad networks right now, allowing you to monetize your app/s and optimize the results in a way that will ensure you make the most out of your investment. So, it’s time to take a look at some of today’s leading mobile ad networks.

#1. AdMob

There is no doubt about AdMob’s reputation, especially since it remains a giant top-tech mobile ad network for more than a decade. And the fact that it came from Google is a reason good enough for its prominence. Not only will you get a flawless functionality, but you will also get access to intuitive app integration.If you are new to the world of the different mobile advertising types, then this one right here can be your starting point. Mind you, AdMob is far less intrusive when compared to other networks out there.

#2. Media.Net

Media.Net is known for its highly sophisticated monetization process, but it’s doing so well that many could easily vouch for its integrity in the industry. In a nutshell, its process involves the identification of user search.Let’s say a user is fond of searching banner ads creation and design platforms such as The platform would recognize this and, at the same time, showcase relevant keywords related to the user’s search. Hence, its display placements are often accurate and efficient.

#3. StartApp

Through this network, you can get access to interstitial advertising. In case you do not know, Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear before the destined webpage, and the advertisement will always take over the screen for a certain amount of time (usually a few seconds).Interestingly, this strategy from StartApp proves to be quite successful, and the network now has over 50,000 partners, both small and large, and they work with the top 40% grossing apps.

#4. Epom Apps

A highly-rated mediation platform, Epom Apps is known for its smart app monetization. Epom helps developers generate income from their very own applications using a handful of winning ad strategies. The team behind Epom Apps is responsible for handling the whole app monetization process, so the developer could focus mainly on making its app the best there is. Among others, the process includes the selection of the best-performing demand sources, custom SDK, and daily ad placement optimization.

#5. Millennial Media

This one right here can provide you with robust advertising options, all of which can be used effectively in apps monetization. With a handful of ad formats, Millennial Media can potentially offer you the highest revenue. The various ad formats can be integrated into a variety of mobile applications, and the process is user-friendly and can be done in minutes. Being a programmatic ad platform has its advantages, one of which is being able to offer mobile-focused ad exchange to developers and advertisers.