Tips to take care of your ink cartridges

Ink cartridges can get pretty expensive sometimes, thus it is necessary to take care of it properly. If you do not maintain your ink cartridge properly, you may run out of ink really soon. Thus, proper maintenance of the ink cartridge will not only help to save money, but also keep your printer in proper working condition. You can buy these ink cartridges from websites such as need ink, which offer you discounted price. A few cartridge tips can help you a lot in making your printer effective. The print quality would improve and the ink would last longer too.

Mentioned below are a few ways through which you can save your printer ink

  1. Handling your ink cartridge

Right from the very start, you should take care of your cartridge. Before installing it, make sure to investigate it. To prime, the ink, make sure to shake it for a while gently and then press a bit on the hard surface. Since most of the cartridges have a plastic cap, ensure to remove it before installing it. When you’re removing the plastic cap, make sure to do it over the dustbin as the ink may ooze out during the process. On the other side of the cartridge is a gold contact chip. Make sure that you handle it properly. If dust deposits over it, remove using a lint-free cloth.

  1. Installing your ink cartridge

You will have to be very careful while installing the ink cartridge. Since every printer has different needs, you will need to do it on the basis what suits your printer best. Before installing the ink cartridge refer to the instruction on the manual. If the printer doesn’t come with an instruction manual, you may follow the instruction enlisted in the website of the manufacturer. You may either download a PDF or find a relative YouTube video about your model.

  1. Recycle your ink cartridge

Often It happens that when the old cartridge gets finished, you get to buy a new cartridge and install it. However, it is not recommended to throw away these cartridge ink into the garbage. These ink cartridges contain important elements which can easily be recycled. Thus, you may need to recycle these ink cartridges.

How can you prolong the life of your ink cartridges?

The ink cartridges are pretty expensive, so when it finishes off too soon, it appears to be frustrating. If you wish to prolong the life of your ink cartridge, you can do so by the following methods. You won’t always need to rush for the ink replacements

Though it may seem that printing too often can lead to ink being finished, but it can save the ink from being wasted. Therefore, printing too often can keep your printer in a better condition. Ensure to print in draft mode. In this way, you will require to less ink on the per page basis. You should ensure to remove the clogs of your printer by cleaning it. However, doing that too often may prove to be harmful to the computer. Make sure that your cartridge is loaded to prevent the drying of ink.

If you take care of your cartridge properly, it wouldn’t be damaged soon. This would not only save your money but also keep your printer in good condition.