TV Producers Reveal behind the Scenes of Reality TV

Reality television shows are many a viewer’s guilty pleasure. Still, many are left asking how much of it is real. Some would want to know what it would take to produce these shows too. Read on as we share some behind the scenes secrets from industry experts.

One fact about reality TV is that it can be quite difficult to get things to work sometimes. There are a lot of instances when stars are not booked until the last minute. The reason for this is because most celebrities tend to have their schedules packed. Many of them tend to be trans-continental too. This is why it can be quite tough to have them tied down to a show. According to seasoned television producer Mark Deitch, scheduling is often a huge feature in terms of celebrity casting. More often, celebrities are cast because they are available and not usually due to their actual star power.

Most people like Mark Deitch who’s working in BBC will tell you how it can be so much harder compared to shows that are scripted. The reason for this is because it involves real people. There is a human element that makes the show great but also makes it precarious to the people working behind the scene. Then, there are also instances when people go through the whole casting process and then bail out without any reasons or will not show up come filming day.

Producers already know what it is that they want to happen. Before producers go into an episode, they already know what they want. So whether it is personal growth, tears, couples kissing, or a home renovation, they already have specific goals in mind and they would do anything to make sure that this is going to push through.

Most of the bad singers in most reality singing shows do not really know that they are bad. A lot of audiences often find these audiences quite funny especially during those instances when people with really bad auditions are shown consecutively. However, most of these people really do think that they have genuine talent which makes it an interesting reality TV fact a lot of viewers may not know.

Expect producers to use creative editing all the time. Most of the time, producers do this just so they can get conversations to flow a lot easier. There are also a lot of instances where some shows will lift a sentence said in a scene and have it placed somewhere else.

Shows will always have conflict in order to make it more interesting. This is why if there is no villain, it is the job of the producers to come up with one in order to create some sort of friction that will make the viewers want for more. The roles that actors are supposed to play in the show are already determined during the casting process. This allows producers to know ahead of time which specific parts would suit them and their personalities best in relation to the premise of the show. Learn more interesting details about what goes on behind television shows by reading about Mark Deitch BBC only.