What Is Event Marketing & Why Should You Care

It’s the age of the customer, but we rarely communicate with our loyal audience face-to-face. Our shopping assistants have swap places with chatbots and our brick-and-mortar stores have been replaced with WordPress themes. In lieu of good old word-of-mouth, we now rely on multi-channeling.

Is there still a place for event marketing in this digital age, and why should you care?

What Is Event Marketing, Exactly?

Event marketing is a promotional strategy that helps brands get through to their customers, person to person. A company can choose to advertise its products and services on special events such as fairs, sports matches, and concerts, or to invite prospective customers to attend its own promotional events.

This strategy typically includes interactive presentations of the company’s offer, along with promotional material and free samples. The main goal of event marketing is to convert leads into paying customers on spot, but also to raise brand awareness by introducing buyers-to-be to new products and services.

Is Event Marketing Still Relevant?


Among other important things, modern-day customers demand convenience and personal touch. Meeting them face-to-face can not only help you bring your personalization efforts to a whole other lever, but it can also enable you to engage your target audience in a less artificial, ad-free environment.

How to Succeed in This Strategy?

First and foremost, make your brand noticeable. Have a great artist design a shipping container for event space you’re using for promotion and cover it with promotional material and free samples. Shine a light on your logo and add an interactive display or two to convey your brand message to prospects.

Also, choose your representatives with care. They should be the best of your marketing and sales team, as event marketing requires out-of-the-box thinking and off-script approach. These brand ambassadors should be able to grab the attention of potential customers and convert them very fast.

Add a competition and throw an after-party, and your event will be a marketing success.

About Author: The author of this blog is a content marketer who formally worked at Emerging NewsHub 24. A writer by day and a reader by night, he loathes discussing himself in the third person but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.